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Extend the CMS Functionality of your
Existing eCommerce Platform,
or Create a Standalone Site Through WordPress

WordPress is a proven CMS, blogging, and forum platform that includes proven reliability, broad developer community support, and an expansive library of features that supports your community building efforts.

WordPress pages, forums and blogs offer your customers a new level of interactivity. You can inform your audience about new products or product use ideas, address a problem or task, start a discussion, share an experience, offer advice, or share research or knowledge on your products or on your industry. Build a stronger community around your brand by connecting more efficiently and on a deeper level with your customers by sharing valuable information in a communication format that works.

DEPlabs, your integration experts, has developed a WordPress program that intelligently facilitates the convergence of Content and Community with Commerce.

Our clients measurable benefits of adding a blog or improving the integration of an existing blog with their Ecommerce sites include an increase in visits, increased time on site, increased revenue, and an improvement in your sites organic page rankings.

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WordPress Blog Toolkit for Ecommerce Platforms

Fully Integrated WordPress Blog

Fully Integrated WordPress Blog—This includes a powerful, flexible and configurable admin that allows non-technical staff to quickly and easily add content, edit content, and change layout and style.

Unified UI Design

Create a seamless customer experience between your main Kibo Commerce Site and blog, through refined custom display template development. Includes Header and Footer, UI Design and Primary Navigation that match your commerce site, along with two custom post types for unique content like Events, Recipes, Job Boards, Products Merchandising and more.

Kibo Commerce Product Data Integration

Easily merchandise your blog posts with up to date product information, images and links to improve sales opportunities through cross-merchandising. Includes DEPlabs Datafeed Module for Kibo Commerce and Product Selector Plugin for WordPress.

WordPress Blog Data Integration

Dynamically leverage your blog content anywhere on your commerce site to further enhance customer engagement through integration of community content. Includes DEPlabs Blog Post Integration module for WordPress, which allows you to creatively display blog post elements on your Kibo Commerce site pages.

SEO Performance Improvements

The combined elements of DEPlabs WordPress Blog Program for Kibo Commerce deliver Organic Search improvements that cannot be achieved through a traditional blog implementation. Includes improved domain authority for your brand, higher page quality scores, and improved overall site page rankings on the major search engines.

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