Extend out-of-the-box platforms to match your business.

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Application Development

Create an immersive web experience with custom applications.

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UX Design and

You don’t need to compromise design to fit the technology.

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Third Party Integrations

Take advantage of the latest tools and shopping channels.

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System Integrations

Connect ecommerce platforms seamlessly to any data system .

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xEcommerce Platform Implementation

Your ecommerce platform will never meet all of your needs out of the box. That’s where we come in. While platform developers focus on the global needs of the market, we can focus on your specific business and your marketing expertise to help make your platform work for you.

Whether you need to add dynamic marketing content, create a shopping wizard, or present a different look and feel based on user’s location, we can make sure your site is unique to your business.

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xCustom Application Development

We specialize in custom web applications that support retailers. Whether you need to create a new shopping feature within your site to realize the goals of your marketing department, or create a front end for your B2B processes, we make your requirements come to life. We get to know your business to help you focus on what’s important.

We have the teams and infrastructure in place to hit the ground running. Our teams use development best practices for implementation and source control. We have the expertise to define, design, develop, and deploy your custom application, whatever your stack and device requirements.

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xUser Experience Design and Development

We offer conception to completion without compromise. No one knows the concept behind your user interface or site design better than you, but sometimes technology can force compromises that prevent you from bringing your concept to life.

Whether your project is large or small, we can bring those concepts into reality. We have talented designers and user experience experts that can fill agency needs without agency overhead. Our designers know that you don’t need to compromise designs to fit the technology.

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xIntegration of Third Party Services

One of the best ways to keep your site evolving and supporting your business needs is to integrate with the latest tools and technologies on the market. Third party integrations open you up to new technologies and best-of-breed features, including payment methods like PayPal, shopping features like customer ratings and reviews, and complex analytics packages.

DEPlabs knows integrations inside and out. Our projects range from front-end features to best-of-breed services and beyond. We have experience integrating over 200 different third party services into our client’s ecommerce sites. You can trust us to make sure your integration is streamlined and flexible. We make sure your integration project is accurately scoped for complexity and cost and that your integration is smooth and painless.

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xSystems Integrations

We specialize in connecting ecommerce platforms with back-end systems, reporting packages, fulfillment partners, payment processors, and order management systems – we’ve worked with all the leading ERP systems as well as custom, home grown solutions.

We work with your infrastructure to make sure that the data flowing into and out of your system is streamlined, uses best practices for data management and security, and takes the pressure off of your internal team.

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