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The True Unified Commerce Cloud

Kibo brings together the most essential commerce solution elements on a single platform with Certona personalization, Monetate optimization intelligence, and API-first, microservices-based architecture. With over 16 years of experience delivering value to many customers across multiple generations of Kibo platform technologies, DEPLABS is the established leader in Kibo Commerce platform implementation and support services.

Together, We Move Commerce Forward

We engineer, maintain and support modern digital commerce solutions leveraging our network of best-of-breed trusted partners. We match our clients’ unique digital experience needs with the appropriate mix of commerce tools & technologies.
As part of the Unified Cloud, Kibo’s eCommerce solution lets you manage all of your retail and wholesale channels – or go 100% headless commerce – with a single, cloud-based SaaS platform.  Our customers empower their teams to engage users with personalized, seamless shopping experiences and manage merchandising, promotions, SEO, and more without having to be a developer. Kibo Commerce is highly customizable mid-market and enterprise-level platform that we like for its flexibility and scalability for a wide range of use cases.


DEPLABS goes a long way back working with Kibo Commerce as a strategic partner. We implemented and maintained Marketlive platform for some of the well-known global retailers and brands prior to Kibo’s acquisition of Marketlive. Over the years, we built platform extensions and add-ons, conceived and developed an end-to-end B2B version of the platform, and migrated Marketlive customers to the new generation Kibo Commerce platform. We helped numerous customers to strengthen their omni-channel capabilities leveraging Kibo Commerce, Order Management System, mobile POS, and a wide range of personalization systems and tools. Finally, we embrace and support Kibo’s Unified Platform approach to commerce and their major advances in terms of underlying architecture.



Kibo Commerce

Empower your commerce teams to manage multiple digital sales channels. Kibo eCommerce makes it easy for marketers and merchandisers to deliver engaging and personalized experiences for B2C shoppers and B2B buyers, all in a single solution with industry-leading personalization at its core.

Order Management

Streamline store operations and support evolving business demands with real-time visibility and control over inventory and cross-channel data. Built on a flexible BPM engine with exposed UIs, Kibo Order Management empowers business users to easily design and automate the workflows that power how you allocate inventory and fulfill orders.

Certona Personalization

Drive real-time one-to-one interactions with your customers wherever they are and drive more sales with Certona, the industry-leading personalization solution built on patented, AI-powered technology. Certona powers personalized product and content discovery, predictive search, and individualized recommendations, acting as an extension of your team to provide personal shopping experiences at massive scale.

Mobile Point of Service

Supercharge your sales associates with Kibo Mobile Point of Service. Your sales associates will save sales by viewing available inventory and selecting the customer’s preferred fulfillment method; save time by processing mobile transactions; and gather valuable customer information you can leverage later for marketing.

API-first, Microservices Architecture with Personalization at Core

Extensible and Developer-friendly Applications Marketplace

Unified Cross-channel Data

Power of Personalization Across Your Entire Business

Maximize Productivity With Master Catalogs

Personal B2B Service at Scale

Built-in Distributed Order Management

Enable True O2O Bricks-to-Clicks Commerce

A Few of Our Kibo Commerce Customers:

Notable Quotes


Ecommerce Director, multinational pharmaceutical, medical devices and consumer packaged goods company

“I have DEPLABS . . . with them I can make my platform to do what ever I need it to do to support my business.”


Chief Marketing Officer, global fashion brand

“Kibo is flexible enough for us to do both B2B and B2C and the Certona personalization – product recommendations – really works. DEPLABS has done a great job for us and they continue to impress as a reliable and honest partner.”



“Our clients benefit from the seamless integration, enhanced configurability, and unified development and deployment environment of Kibo Order Management. Clients will be able to deploy experiences faster online and improve the store associate experience.”

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