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With hundreds of Kibo Commerce project launches, we provide immediate knowledge and matchless domain expertise in enhancing, customizing and integrating with the Kibo Commerce Platform. We are your advocates in the Kibo Commerce Co-Dev Program, making sure your interests are top priority.

We’re experts at making your site experience match your shoppers’ expectations. Whether it’s creating custom page displays, enhancing the way your products are showcased, or optimizing your checkout, we can do it.

The Kibo Commerce platform has extensibility built into it. This means that you can add the custom features and functionality you need, while maintaining site performance. We deliver for you through adherence to industry-leading software development and source code management practices. When it comes to extending Kibo Commerce, DEPlabs can help you stay ahead of your competition while keeping you on the Kibo Commerce upgrade path.

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Nobody Knows Kibo Commerce Better

As long-time partner and premier implementor of Kibo Commerce B2B and integrator with Shopatron, we’d like to Congratulate all our friends at Kibo Commerce (formerly known as MarketLive.) The merger of Fiverun, Kibo Commerce, and Shopatron to form Kibo creates the most robust end-to-end cloud-based commerce solution for retailers and branded manufacturers, allowing them to meet consumer demands anywhere, any time, and on any device. Kibo is the go-to solution for selling everywhere and fulfilling anywhere. DEPlabs pioneered the Co-Dev program with Kibo Commerce and has been working with Co-Dev clients for years. As certified Kibo Commerce Co-Development partners, we work directly with your Kibo Commerce account manager, hosting, and support teams to make sure your projects launch on time with a high degree of quality. We’re your advocates when it comes to getting your work done the way you want it, when you need it.

We’ve launched hundreds of projects – from small user experience changes to third-party integrations to platform upgrades – for diverse ecommerce clients. With this kind of ecommerce solutions experience, we know how to get your projects done on time, on budget, and with the quality you demand so your ROI reaches new heights.

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Extensibility without Compromise

Take Your Kibo Commerce Site to the Next Level with Custom Front-End Features

Kibo Commerce gives you what you need to run your ecommerce business. DEPlabs gives you the custom domain expertise that sets you apart, delivers on your business requirements, and exceeds your customers’ expectations.

Our Kibo Commerce ecommerce development pros turn your marketing requirements into innovative features that draw consumers in, and keep them coming back to shop. From new mobile templates to geo-location based personalization, to changes in your Check-out flow, we can help you get the most out of Kibo Commerce. Our UX developers have extensive design backgrounds so they understand how to create a compelling shopping experience, click after click.

Custom Application Development that Works with Kibo Commerce

Whether you want to create B-to-B functionality to sell to wholesale customers, design custom smartphone apps so consumers can shop on the go, or give your customers a new shopping wizard to find the right product, we can bring your vision to life on the Kibo Commerce platform.

Integrate with Ease

We specialize in connecting Kibo Commerce with back-end systems, reporting packages, fulfillment partners, payment processors, and order management systems – we’ve worked with all the leading ERP systems as well as custom, home grown solutions. We work with your infrastructure to make sure that the data flowing into and out of Kibo Commerce is streamlined, uses best practices for data management and security, and takes the pressure off of your internal team.

Third-Party Ecommerce Application Integrations

We excel at implementing third-party tools and content providers to support the shopping experience you need to achieve your performance goals. From cross-channel and social marketing to PayPal to ratings and reviews, we can help you navigate your shopping integrations painlessly.

YourZoom Rich Media

Our visual data merchandising and management system seamlessly integrates with Kibo Commerce, going beyond simple zoom images to provide enhanced site experiences through support of responsive design methods and video streaming, along with workflow tools, usage reporting, and advanced presentation options with virtually no involvement required from your IT group to set up. YourZoom gives you lower production and maintenance costs and automatic upgrades. And, with our distributed cloud infrastructure and integrated CDN, YourZoom is guaranteed to stay online at all times with massive burst capacity for planned and unplanned traffic spikes.

SearchSide Natural SEO Program

The SearchSide natural search marketing program is an SEO solution that complements Kibo Commerce by extending beyond standard SEO features. Our proprietary platform technology and methodology consistently deliver new customers to your site. Through the SearchSide Studio platform, our SEO analysts identify your biggest opportunities for optimization. Our professional copywriters research and create original, relevant landing-page content. Your new, optimized landing pages go beyond brand to match your shoppers’ own search terms. And all content is produced, published and deployed on our SearchSide SEO platform, which integrates with Kibo Commerce. SearchSide delivers consistently high search engine rankings that continue to bring in new customers.

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