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  • That’s all it takes to launch your new BigCommerce storefront in just
  • Setup the Store:
    • BigCommerce basic user / admin orientation and training
    • Template selection and installing, upload logo
    • Payment gateway / method setup
    • Sales tax / AvaTax setup
    • Shipping method setup
  • Get going with online sales:
    • Setup and organize your customer mailing list campaign
    • Setup Ads on Facebook and Google local for your sales promotions
    • Cover basic SEO topics and train you how to promote your site content

A Brand New BigCommerce Storefront in One Day – GET YOURS!

The global coronavirus pandemic is affecting everyone, and ecommerce businesses are not immune. We know you are fighting to protect jobs, mitigate losses, and in many cases, survive. Many of your peers are doing so by pushing their digital initiatives and building new web storefronts to address the dramatic shift in consumer buying behavior driven by Shelter-in-Place.

That’s right, the challenges out there can also be your opportunities. But pursuing them requires speed, agility, a great ecommerce platform, and a reliable trustworthy partner to help you get online and start taking those online orders FAST.

So you have a website and you either sell or plan to sell online. You have not updated your website for a while and you know you can do better. It all starts with choosing the right platform.

Enters BigCommerce. The eCommerce platform built for merchants like you. A user-friendly shopping cart with lots of features and functionality that work out of the box. Great search, visual product listings, simple and straightforward checkout process. And thousands of add-ons and plugins to install and use later on to build upon the robust and scalable core platform.

Better yet, BigCommerce can be up and running in just a few hours. Yes, not weeks or months – hours. You can spin up a cloud instance of your site, select a storefront template, upload your products, setup a payment and shipping methods, enable sales tax calculations, and Go Live. No complex development and customization, no need to tweak the site for mobile devices; a mobile-ready fully functional ecommerce site will be up and running for you at once.

But wait, having a great new site is good; what about the customers? You do need to make sure your existing and new customers do visit your new site and buy your products or services. The quickest and most effective ways to do this are to setup and organize your customer mailing lists so you can run a couple of email marketing campaigns and advertise on social media and on Google.  You also need to know how to add and tweak your site’s content so that it attracts new visitors and that Google sees it and ranks it highly. It all may sound complicated. But, it isn’t with the right partner by your side guiding you. All it takes is a first step to start a journey and you can get good guidance on how to make that first step.

It’s all about hiring the right partner team who cares about you and your success. DEPLABS is that partner. We are a digital commerce solutions provider, and we help our clients to take advantage of digital opportunities since 2004. We are experts at matching unique digital experience needs with the appropriate mix of platforms, technologies, and processes. We engineer, maintain and support modern digital commerce sites.

Together with BigCommerce, we are offering a special assistance package at this time to merchants, retailers, distributors like yourself. We can help you get fully setup and organized to launch your new ecommerce storefront in ONE DAY or less for just $1,200. The package includes:

  • BigCommerce basic user and administrator orientation and training
  • Selecting a storefront template with page layouts that you like and uploading your logo
  • Setting up a payment method for taking in customer payments
  • Setting up a sales tax processing service through Avalara (included with BigCommerce)
    Setting up a shipping method
  • Organizing your customer mailing list to run your first email marketing campaign
  • Setting up an advertising campaign on Facebook and Google local
  • Share site promotion and content optimization tips and best practices with your team

Our team is standing by to get started and learn how we can assist. The results of our work are real and we can make a great positive impact on your digital sales channel.

Let’s talk!

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