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DEPlabs, Kibo Commerce’s premier systems integrator, has exclusively partnered with Kibo Commerce to deliver a fully integrated B2B Solution through the use of the DEPlabs B2B Module for Kibo Commerce. The B2B Module extends the powerful Kibo Commerce B2C platform with essential B2B capabilities.

Recognizing the needs of rapidly growing B2B merchants – Leverage your B2C investment with the tools to manage and grow your B2B business.

Retailers and manufacturers are seeing the need to be able to support B2B accounts. They need to have specific capabilities within their eCommerce platform, such as the ability for B2B account owner to self-administer and manage their members’ purchasing activities and the ability for B2B account owners and their members to share baskets, place orders, view order history, specify multiple addresses for shipping. Kibo Commerce B2B presents innovative approach, providing the specific functionality B2B merchants need at a price they can afford.

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Kibo Commerce’s B2B Offering
is Unique in the Marketplace

Kibo Commerce offers a market-focused B2B solution that provides the critical functionality needed to serve B2B customers with a consumer based experience.

Leveraging rules and merchandising across both B2C and B2B, this solution is affordable, easily implemented and able to maximize brand effectiveness across both channels.

Kibo Commerce’s B2B offering integrates B2C and B2B in one platform, making the experience simple for customers and management of both purchasing options streamlined for merchants.

With Kibo Commerce B2B, merchants can use one platform to implement both B2B and B2C functionality on their websites.

This approach provides the merchant with ease of administration and their customer with simple, user friendly access to direct and account based purchases.

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Specific Functionality Provided

Definition of Account Based Rules

The account defines the customer/merchant relationship and includes rules such as payment type (credit card, PO), payment terms, account order limit, customer specific pricing, and more. These rules allow a merchant to define terms for doing business with each account, simplifying and streamlining ongoing transaction automation.

Centralized Management of Product Merchandising

Centralized administrative tools provide the ability to leverage a single product, inventory, and merchandising master for all digital presence across B2C & B2B. Merchants are able to merchandise and select products for display across B2C, B2B or both.

Pricing and Discounts

Pricing strategies and discount parameters are centrally managed by the merchant, including price lists, discount rules by order size/type, and category-based pricing. Merchants have the ability to control pricing and discounting by account, by category of product or by broad business rules across multiple accounts.

Integrated B2C and B2B Capability

B2B and B2C sites are both implemented using the same Kibo Commerce platform, so capabilities are easily integrated, managed and navigated by customers.

Merchants can display the B2B site access on their direct to consumer site, if desired, making it easier for buyers to choose their mode of purchase.

Basket Saving and Reorder

Multiple baskets can be saved and accessed by different customers within one B2B account, so orders can be built by a team. In addition, customers can save an order and reorder that basket as needed, quickly and easily. These features increase conversion and also engage the customer for easy return purchases.

Integrated Fulfillment

Kibo Commerce B2B integrates into existing fulfillment system for a streamlined order lifecycle.

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