NeoStrata Launches New Website

Petaluma, CA   •   February 18, 2019

The Johnson & Johnson Brand, NeoStrata, was founded in 1974 based on the discovery of the benefits of Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) on skin, set in motion a reputation for discover and innovation in skincare. The NeoStrata brand team trusted DEPLABS to execute that experience online. The intention was for customers to interact with the products in a simple way, learn about the benefits and discover what they need – in a clean, mobile first eCommerce experience.

NeoStrata selected KIBO digital eCommerce platform to power the custom user experience that our team has built in partnership with the Work in Progress design agency.

NeoStrata, Canada (english), Canada (french) and United States all launched with an updated, on-brand clean design. is feature rich, with custom features including:

  • Fully responsive mobile-first user experience.

  • Personalized experience with stored favorites, quiz and product regimen results.

  • Skin Care Quiz to ensure you have the options for your unique skin type and concerns.

  • Regimen Builder provides basic or comprehensive skin care regimens based on the customers specific needs

  • Custom and optimized checkout experience.

We are really proud to have delivered the site experience that our client envisioned.

DEPLABS team has been supporting numerous Johnson & Johnson brands’ digital initiatives since 2013. We are excited about NeoStrata raising the bar higher in 2019 with this new launch and we will continue to build next-generation commerce solutions for our value clients.

Curious how we can help you move fast in executing your digital commerce strategy? Let’s talk!

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